Tell me what's your game about

to make the theme the germinal seed of composition

Give me time of preparation

to integrate a unique musical creation in your game's MDA

You may need an interactive score

to strengthten the player's immersion on in-game fiction

Let's find the finest mood

to ensure the player will remain inside the flow

I propose working as a team

and fulfil the latest entertainment experience

from the beginning of design.

Brando Borràs,
Composing with a purpose.

Professional composer and pianist

ENTI-UB Master's degree in Music and Sound for Entertainment Experiences
Bachelor of Music degree in Composition at ESEM-Taller de Músics
Both first promotions on Barcelona.

From the concept to the product

Skills for Game Scoring: demo reel

It's time to meet each other

Contact me at

Listen to my soundcloud portfolio for further references.